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International Agreements (ERASMUS+)

The Department of Informatics and Telecommunications (dI&T) actively participates in student and staff mobility program Erasmus+ (https://piro.uoi.gr/) that is centrally managed by the University of Ioannina (https://piro.uoi.gr/erasmus/37/erasmus).
The Erasmus + program allows both undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as prospective PhD students to move:
  • (a) for study at Universities that maintain mutual agreement with the dI&T or
  • (b) for the preparation of an Internship in a similar partner organization
In (a) case they can attend part of their curriculum or do part of their undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral work in some of the European Union countries, and in (b) they can work in a similar institution in subject related to the subject of their studies. However, student mobility is not confined to the European Union, as the Department's active participation in Erasmus + partnerships also enables student exchanges with international higher education institutions from Asia, North Africa and other regions. Today the Department has entered into bilateral agreements with 15 European universities under Erasmus +.

The Erasmus Office, together with the dI&T's Erasmus Coordinator, advise participants on mobility programs and help them address both the substantive issues related to their academic mobility issues and the necessary formal procedures. The Erasmus + program also provides dI&T professors with the opportunity to move to European universities for a short period of time in order to teach and to deepen the University of Ioannina's relationships with similar universities across Europe. Finally, under the bilateral agreements of the program, DI&T welcomes lecturers from various European universities who are teaching for a short time in the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula.