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Preparation of Doctoral Dissertations

Government Gazette for Doctoral Studies

The department offers opportunities for the preparation of High Level Doctoral Dissertations, through a modern and coherent Doctoral Program. In the approved regulation, the structure, the operating rules of the D.S.P. are reflected of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications and the conditions for admission to it.

The Department announces doctoral student positions at the beginning of each academic semester. The announcement is open for the whole semester (during the winter semester, the deadline for applications is until the end of February and, during the spring semester, it is until the end of June). The scientific areas, the number of places per area and any special requirements are specified in the notice.

The Assembly of the Department, after taking into account the applications that have been submitted, categorizes them based on the relevance of the research object, and appoints a three-member committee consisting of the TRS Faculty of the Department, per category of applications. The Assembly of the Department, after taking into account the performance in the undergraduate and postgraduate studies, the academic letters of recommendation, the opinion of the proposed supervisor, and taking into account the memorandum of N.B.F. approves or rejects the candidate's appilication with reasons. In case of a positive opinion, the Assembly of the Department assigns to the proposal supervisor the supervision of the Doctoral Thesis and appoints a Three-member Advisory Committee in accordance with Article 39 of law 4485/2017. Those who are accepted acquire the status of PhD Candidate.


The Doctoral Studies Committee (D.S.C.) consists of the following five (5) TRS faculty members of the department:
  • Angelis Constantinos, First Grade Professor President of (D.S.C.)
  • Stylios Chrysostomos, First Grade Professor
  • Foutsitzi Georgia, First Grade Professor
  • Stergiou Eleftherios, Associate Professor
  • Tzallas Alexandros, Assistant Professor

Evangelia Christou
Head of Secretariat
Tel.: 26810 50499 | Int.: 1499