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Professional Rights

The professional rights of the graduates of the Department are described in the relevant Presidential Decree as published in "Government Gazette A'/58/8.4.2009"which states that:

Graduates of Schools of Informatics and Telecommunications, based on the general and specialized scientific knowledge acquired during their studies, have a background in knowledge related to hardware and software for the collection, classification, processing and transmission of information, and have the ability to engage in activities such as study, design, analysis, implementation, installation, supervision, operation, evaluation. expertise and certification in scientific fields:
  • a) computer hardware and software,
  • b) IT,
  • c) communication systems, networks, telecommunication services and Internet applications,
  • d) systems and applications, graphics, signal processing and speech processing, and
  • e) telecommunications systems and networks.
In addition, they may include but are not limited to:
  • a) teaching at Universities and Technological Educational Institutions, secondary education and technical and vocational training, public and private, at the theoretical, technological and applied level in the computer science and telecommunications fields listed above,
  • b) research in public and private research centers in the scientific fields listed above at the theoretical, technological and applied levels respectively,
  • c) the provision of services to organizational units of IT, networks, computererization and technical services of ministries, public bodies, services and enterprises, banking, insurance, medical, media, audiovisual production and processing companies, in transportation, shipping, tourism, business consulting companies and high-level tech companies.