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Student Facilities

Students are entitled to make use of all facilities, services and means provided by the University of Ioannina


Undergraduate and postgraduate students are fed at the University Student Restaurant on the basis of the requiremets set by the University Senate. The Student Restaurant is located in the city center of Arta with full and modern equipment. The Restaurant operates a total of 275 days a year, form September 1 to June 30, all days of the week, with a 14-day break at Christmas and Easter respectively. The daily menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Students of the University of Ioannina can stay in the Student Home with a capacity of 150 beds. The rooms are double en suite and there are shared kitchens and washing machines on each floor. The Student Home is located in the town of Arta, on the Aracthos Bridge.
For accomodation in the University residences, interested parties are directed to the Student Welfare Secretariat, Student Welfare Department (Arta), Zakopoulou Victoria (Contact number:26810 50326 ), Bakola Sofia (Contact number: 26810 50515), Siati Georgia (Contact number: 26810 50328), as well as to the cemtral office (Ioannina, A' Student Home, tel. 26510 05466 , audio message 26510 05467 and 26510 05635 information).

Health Care:

It is regulated by A3(c)/GP/oik.25132/04-04-2016(908,B') KYA on "Arrangments for ensuring uninsured access to the Public Health System". Any clarifications are provided by the Secretariat of the Department.

Student Scholarships:

Student scholarships are granted to: a) freshmen who were first distinguished in the General Entrance Examinations in their Department, b) students, based on the average score of the semesters of the academic year, c) the graduate who received the highest grade in the diploma during the academic year, provided that it has not exceeded all the years of study required to obtain his diploma.

Academic Identity:

Applications for academic identity are open to all undergraduate, postgraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students of H.E.I. of the country. The academic identity is also valid for a Special Ticket (Pass https://www.uoi.gr/panepistimiaki-zoi/foititiki-merimna/). The online application is submitted on the site http://academicid.minedu.gov.gr In order to be able to make an online application for academic identity from a first-year student, passwords (username- password) are required that are issued by the relevant department and used for the online services of the Foundatipn to which they belong. Those who enrolled in the Department with the rank of graduates of other H.E.I. are entitled to an Academic Identity without the validity of the Special Ticket, however, to qualify for the deductions provided for by applicable law.

Employmetn & Career Structure (ECS):

The Liaison Office (http://dasta.uoi.gr/) is a central department of the University of Ioannina that aims to support UoI students and graduates in the fields of educational development, career planning, vocational rehabilitation, and networking with the labor market, through the development of partnerships with Businesses, Organizations, Institutes, etc. to promote the vocational rehabilitation of students/graduates of the Foundation. Specifically, the Liaison Office provides the following services:

Career Counselung Service:

DG Career Supports University of Ioannina students and graduates:
• facilitating the acquisition of a complete picture of themselves and their abilities.
• in the design of their educational and professional plans.
• to facilitate and the search for educational and professional information
• integrating them into the job market by practicing modern job search techniques (CV writing, self-presentation skills, etc.)

Student and Graduate Communication Service:

The DG Communications Office informs and supports UoI students and graduates on
• Search for Master Degree Programs in Greece and Abroad
• Search for continuing training programs, conferences, seminars and summer shools.

Labor Market Connection Service:

The main objective of the Labor Market Liaison Servise is to provide information to students and graduates of the UoI in the search for job opportunities in Greece and abroad, as well as the development of fruitful partnerships with Greek businesses and organizations to better inform, integrate and absorb UoI graduates in the labor market.

Electronic Information Service:

The Electronic Information Service is a direct and valid way of informing registered DG users by sending e-mails about:
• Postgraduate studies
• Scholarships
• Lifelong Learning & Continuing Training Programs
• Seminars, Conferences, Summer Schools
• Workshops and Evnets of DG
• Offered Jobs in Greece and Abroad
Contact Liaison Office University of Ioannina
Tel. 2651008454, 55, 58, Fax: 2651008686
E-mail: career@uoi.gr
Website: http://gd.uoi.gr/


The University of Ioannina has the largest in use (14.500 sq.m. spread over six floors) a single Library and Information Center of Greece (L.I.C.- UoI ). The operation of the Library is governed by the Operating Regulations to which each user is required to comply. L.I.C.- UoI has a collection consisting of 400.000 books and 1.000 current journal subscriptions, collection of books related to courses offered by all Departments of the UoI, newspapers, encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, and more. Of particular importance is its online collection, which includes approximately 14.000 full-text electronic journals (subscriptions by UoI and Heal-Link Academic Libraries), dozens of online bibliographic databases, hundreds of e-books and more.
The Kostakioi campus library (https://wwwlib.teiep.gr/el.html), is housed in a modern building of 2000 sq.m., with 120 reading spaces, a library space with a capacity of 60.000 book titles, 25 PC seats for users, a dedicated training seminar or event room, staff offices and a dedicated ramp and elevator for access to P.W.S.N. It operates daily from 8:00 to 17:00.
In the services provided by L.I.C.- UoI icluded are : borrowing books from its collections or the collections of other Libraries in Greece and abroad (lending), bibliographic documentation of student work, searching for information, using of reading rooms, locating and accessing international, national and local information (e-books, electronic journals, bibliographic databases, etc.), the production and distribution of digitized material from its collections, access to library catalogs in Greece and abroad, the use of photocopiers, scanning and dispatchers etc.
Contect information: Arta's Library and Information Center, Responsible: Theodorika Christina (contact number : 2681050452 , 50457, 50459, 50453). Central Library of the University of Ioannina, 45110 Ioannina, contact numbers: 2651005958, Fax : 26510-05096, email: library@uoi.gr, Website: http://www.lib.uoi.gr.

Counseling Center of University of Ioannina:

It offers confidential support services to students facing various personal problems. In some cases, always with the student's consent, the CCUoI Advisors work closely with other relevant departments, such as the Student and Careed Liaison Office, to resolve these problems.

University Printing Office:

It covers the needs of students for the publication of textbooks, university notes, prints the journal of the University of Ioannina «Iris» as well as a number of other publications.

University Bookstore:

It has a rich collection of scientific books and textbooks authored by the University's teaching staff. Computer Center and Network Management Center: The Computer Center has integrated computer facilities available to all students of the University. PC seats can be used individually or by teams with always available specialist help from the Center Staff. Facilities include PC networks and UNIX positions with wide range of software available, access to large computer systems with specialized software packages, and a host of printing and design machinery. Access to computer services is easy via the campus network installed in the rooms of student residences and other areas, or by telephone outside the campus. The system supports connection to other national or international networks, while students are given a personal email address and unlimited internet access.

Sports and Entertainment:

Outdoor sports facilities (basketball, volleyball, tennis), cafeteria and meeting and leisure facilities are available on the Kostakioi campus. The new indoor gym of the Municipality of Arta is a short walk away, and on-campus entertainment events are often organized bu the Music Studies department.

Other Facilites:

The University of Ioannina also operates: Experimental Laboratory and Telecommunications Museums, Center for Hydrobiological Rsearch, Museum of Typography & Technology, Museum of Classic and Byzantine Model and Copy Museum, museum of folk art, museum of medical history, observatory, meteorological station and an experimental animal unit.

Student Organizations and Clubs:

A number of student organizations and groups complemet life on campus and provide students woth the opportunity to pursue their ectracurricular interests and hobbies. The organizations cover a wide range of interests, such as music, social services, fine arts, photography and voluntary blooddonations. The student organizations that exist at the University of Ioannina toady are:
• Student Associations of the University of Ioannina (all students are elligible to enroll as members of their Students Associations)
• Postgraduate Student Association
• Student Home Student Association
• Volunteer Blood Donation Student Group
• Theatrical Companion of University of Ioannina
• Cinema Film Team of University of Ioannina
• Dance Group of University of Ioannina
• Photographic Club of University of Ioannina
• Anti-Drug Student Group of University of Ioannina
• University of Ioannina Radio Station