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Laboratory of Knowledge & Intelligent Informatics

Active since 2006, the KIC Laboratory covers the fields of Intelligent Informatics as well as the fields of GeoInformatics and Environmental Informatics. The main research activities of the Laboratory focus on Flexible Informatics, Computational Intelligence, Biomedical Signal Processingn., Error Detection in Electromechanical Systems, Geoinformatics and Environmental Informatics, Intelligent Systems, and Scheduling of staff and tasks. At the same time, the Laboratory has been involved in the implementation of research and co-funded development projects under the FP7 Marie-Curie, Erasmus +, INTERREG, South East Europe, IPA Adriatic, Greece-Italy 2007-2014, Greece-Czech Republic, Lifelong Learning, with activities that can be summarized as follows: Design & Development of Advanced Information Systems, Design & Development of Deicison Making Systems, Geoinformatics & Environment, Design & Development pf Applications for Cultural / Tourist Content, Innovation & Business, Education, Training & Counseling. Thanks to the active involvement of its members, the Laboratory has been able to develop collaborations with academic institutions, research centers, technology institutes, public and private entities and industry organizations in Greece, Europe, Russia, China USA and Canada.