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Laboratory of Computer and Telecommunication Systems

The Computer & Telecommunications Systems Laboratory covers the scientific fields of Computer Systems as well as the fields of Telecommunication Systems and Biomedical Technology. The current research activities of the Laboratory focus on the Design and Architecture of Digital Devices and Systems, the control and reliability of Digital Systems. In the field of Biomedical Research, she focuses on biomedical technology, Biostatistics and Medical Informatics. In addition, the areas of activity include Mobile and Diffuse Computing Techniques, High Performance Computing, Collaborative Telecommunication Systems and Technologies, Opportunity Networks, Cellular, Mobile and Wireless Communication Systems and Networks, and Heterogenous Radios. Research activities also include Electromagnetic Compatibility, Radio Coverage Measurements, Field Measurements, Signal Propagation, Embedded Telecommunication Systems, Web Services and Objects, as well as Multimedia Services, Information Servers & Integrated Services. The on-site lab infrastructure includes digital oscillographs, RF generators, spectrum analyzers, network analyzer, PCB design system, PCB welding system, DSP and FPGA development tools. Cascade Probe Station for on wafer DC, AC and RF up to 40GHz measurements, Semiconductor Characterization System (I-V, C-V, Pulse I-V, LCR meter), DC and AC Current Sources, Source Meters, Digital RF Signal Generator (250kHz-6GHz), Arbitrary/Function Generators, Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (DC-3GHz), Vector Network Measurement System (10MHz-9GHz), Broadband Electromagnetic Field Measuring System (5Hz-6GHz), UV-visible reflection spectra measuring unit. MIMO measuring unit. Laboratory infrastructure covers the measurement, certification and calibration of electronic and/or telecommunication devices, circuits, systems and devices such as : integrated analog and digital systems, antenna systems, electronic circuits, etc. Specifically, the Laboratory conducts basic research as well as catalytic-technological applications in the areas of Micro-Nano-Electrical characterization of electronic and optoelectronic devices, design and characterization of MIMO types and antennas, Field Measurements, E/M radiation measurements, Multi-antenna Wireless Communication Systems, MIMO Radio Channel Modeling, Collaborative Telecommunication Systems, Biomedical Technology, Medical Informatics, Digital Information and Biomedical Imaging and Medical Systems Analysis for automatic medical diagnosis. The purpose of the Laboratory id to cover the research and teaching need of the Department at the undergarduate, postgraduate, doctoral and/or educational level, participation in development and/or research projects, dissemination of resultsa, the organization of scientific lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, congresses. In addition, the aim of the Laboratory is to cooperate with academic institutions, research centers, businesses and organizations, as long as the scientific objectives coincide and/or complement each other with those of the Laboratory, as well as the provision of services to all legal entities, companies and individuals. The members of the laboratory have collaborations with many research teams in Greece and abroad and within the framework of these collaborations have the research provisions of the Laboratory as well as their scientific specialties. Also through the collaborations of the University of Ioannina in the context of European and national funded projects, the research tea, of the department has deep experience in the characterization of micro-nano-electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, MIMO elemental and antenna design and characterization, MIMO radio channel modeling, medical image processing, decision support systems, data mining, biomedical data analysis and processing methods, clustering and object retrieval systems experimental biomedical systems. Members of the research team have participated either as software engineers, researchers and technicians in European and national programs focusing on intelligent information systems, healthcare systems, early diagnosis models, medical applications in and out of hospital, etc.
The Laboratory has been involved in a number of research projects, including:

  • Developing methodolohies and integrated security solutions for internet if things technologies in online health services - MELITY

  • Hospital care monitoring system using wireless sensor networks - HUMORIST.

  • Automatic measurement of hepatic degeneration in biopsy images - xBalloon.

  • Smart Glove for Assesing the Motor Condition of Patients with Neurodegenerative Diseases – SmartGlove.

  • Development od diamond-type carbon film technology for applications in electronic devices and flat imaging screens, PENED99, 2000-2001.

  • External expert services for the preparation of the business plan of the Municipality of Ioannina for the smart city.

  • Elaborate business plan for the smart city of Arta, through which a number of publications of scientific studies, participation in national and international scientific conferences and patents have emerged.