Graduate practice

  1. After being informed of the proposed dissertation, the student comes in contact with the supervising professors. Supervisors may be the permanent teaching staff and the Scientific Associates of the department. Also, laboratory associates with a postgraduate diploma will be able to undertake the graduate work supervision. Supervision of dissertation work may be entrusted to regular or extraordinary members of the OP. other Department.
  1. The student declares his / her intention to undertake a Bachelor Thesis by submitting an APPLICATION A BACHELOR THESIS. The deposit is made in parallel with the period of the course declarations of the respective semester. The dissertation form must be properly completed, state the proposed title of the dissertation and be signed by the supervising professor and the student. The declaration may also be filed during the supplementary declarations.
  1. Within a week after the completion of the supplementary course declarations, the Assembly of the department adopts and assigns the dissertation to the students. At the same time the delegation is appointed by the three-member committee of inquiry. The three-member Committee of Inquiry consists of the Supervising Member (Rapporteur) and two other members of the department or scientific associates of the relevant specialty department. The committee may be supplemented by members of another section of the Department with relevance to the subject. If during the examination period a member of the selection board is absent for a long period of time, the head may replace that member.
  1. The supervising Professor monitors the progress in the processing of the subject, guides the students in the search for the best solution, ensures the provision of the necessary facilities in premises and equipment and supervises the members of the Department where their contribution considered necessary. He also advises the Head of the Department to make available the necessary funds for consumables, etc. For graduate work done outside the University, the supervisor also undertakes the supervision of the scientific and technical part of the work.
  1. The dissertation can be extended beyond the end of the last semester, depending on the extent and requirements of the subject. Completion must take place within two years from the date of the dissertation, otherwise the student waives the subject and undertakes another assignment.
  1. After the completion of the course and after the supervisor's recommendation, the Diploma Thesis is submitted to the Department.


     The submission of the dissertations will take place at the department's secretariat for the winter semester:

from 15/1 to 31/1 for those who will present their diploma the week after the February exam

and for the spring semester:


from 1/6 to 15/6 for those who will present their diploma the week after the end of the June examination period

from 1/9 to 15/9 for those who will present their diploma the week after the end of the September examination period.


Students should, at these dates, submit to the secretariat:


  • two copies in electronic form.
  • The two forms (in pdf) completed and signed


  1. During the examination procedure, the members of the committee monitor the presentation of the work and submit questions for clarification and examination to give an opinion on the correctness and completeness of the solution to the problem and the degree of participation of each of the participants in the processing the subject students.
  1. Upon completion of the examination procedure the three-member committee meets and determines the grades of the students who have presented their dissertation. Each member of the examination committee decides separately on the degree to be given to the dissertation or to each of the participants in the working group separately. The degree of graduate work of the student is the average of the grades proposed by the members of the selection board. The report is submitted by the rapporteur to the Department through a protocol. If a thesis is considered incomplete by the Examining Board, it is referred for further processing, so the submission and presentation process is repeated. Submission should take place within the prescribed dates as specified in paragraph eight (8).
  1. Students will have to go through the secretariat before taking their degree examination to get the "diploma thesis evaluation report" which will be given to the three-member committee in order to complete the degree of their degree.
  1. Upon completion of the examination, students will have to submit


  1. A) to the secretariat:


the evaluation report of a dissertation completed by the three-member committee


  1. B) in the library of University :


The CD of their graduate work they had submitted to the secretariat


The previous two pdf documents submitted to the Secretariat


The evaluation report of the dissertation completed by the three-member committee


  1. Graduate papers that were considered to be worthwhile with excellence are issued as Technical Reports of the Department.



The Diploma Thesis is a course of the eighth (8) semester

To undertake a Bachelor's degree student must have passed 70% of compulsory and optional compulsory courses in the curriculum.

Students may, after consultation with the supervising professor, undertake a diploma thesis during the 7th semester and in exceptional cases during the 6th grade, provided that the conditions of the previous observation (at least 70% of the courses) are met. The two years in which students are required to complete and submit the dissertation work are counted from the date of submission of the relevant Peer Review Application Form. The filing of the Application Form must be made by the declaration of courses at the beginning of the eighth semester (or in the semester for students who have not completed 70% of the courses). In exceptional cases it can be done during previous semesters.

Diploma thesis may also be held outside the University. in organizations, institutions, services, private companies, etc. following a decision of the Board of the Department.

A common dissertation topic may be assigned to a group of two (2) students with a simultaneous distribution of each student's work. In exceptional cases it may be awarded to three (3) students following a reasoned proposal - a decision of the Board of the department.

For the preparation of the diploma thesis, the premises and the equipment, as well as any necessary financial means of the Department, are used if necessary.

Resolutions of the General Assembly on the dissertation

The members of the temporary General Assembly of the Department decided unanimously in the no. 3/9 April 2002, the following:

The Diploma Thesis will correspond to 20 study units of the Study Program or 10 hours of workload in the student's personal program. (for example, a student who is studying in the 6th semester of study and has stated in his / her Statement of Lessons from 35 hours or less, is entitled to take a Graduate Job (35 + 10 = 45), otherwise not.

Students with a Bachelor's degree will be entitled to Bachelor Thesis if they do not exceed the 45 hours scheduled workload.

Students who will undertake their Graduate Work during the Spring Semester will be able to support it from September of the following semester, and will be required to testify the progress of their Work until the last week of May of this semester otherwise they will be excluded from their examination in September.

In order to have a student eligible to study in his / her Master's Degree, he / she should owe no more than two (2) courses in a curriculum of forty (40) or three (3) courses in a fifty / fifty one (50/51) ) of courses.