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Organization of the Department

The Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Ioannina is based in the city of Arta. The department operates ιn two modern buildings in the Campus of Kostakioi at Arta. With a 20 year old academic track (establishment 26-5-1998), with over 1000 active students, 15 Teaching Research Staff, postgraduate and doctoral programs and 3 research labs with doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, the department of Informatics & Telecommunicarions is an active cell for the production of knowledge and opportunities for young people pursuing a succesful career in Information Tecnology and Telecommunications. The Department is committed to providing high quality education to its students in accordance with the institution's quality policy.

Main objective of the Department is to develop intense research activity in modern areas of Informatics and Telecommunications, and to participate in national and European research and development projects to attract external resources.

The Professors of the Department have a large number of published work in leading scientific journals, have developed important international collaborations with relevant overseas departments and participate in scientific committees of international journals and conferences of recognized standing.
The professional rights of the graduates of the Department are guaranteed by the P.D. 44/08-04-2009 and are equivalent to those of graduates of relevant Departments of Greek Universities.

Management Bodies

The management bodies of the Department are the Assembly and the Deanery. The Assembly is composed of the professors of the Department and representatives of the Special Technical Laboratory Staff, Laboratory Teaching Staff and students of the Department. The Deanery and the Secretariat are the executive bodies of the department.

For the 2019-2020 Academic Year, the Dean of the School and the Chair of the Department is the Professor Evripidis Glabas .
The secretary of the school is Mrs. Evangelia Christou (tel.: 26810 50499, e-mail: echristou@uoi.gr).

The Department shall set up advisory committees for sound academic and administrative functioning. The members of the committes shall be appointed by the Assembly of the Chamber on the recommendation of the Chairperson. Indicatively, committees report:
  • Undergraduate Studies Committee
  • Postgraduate Studies Program Coordination Committee (P.S.P.C.C.)
  • Department's Internal Evaluation Team (D.I.E.T)
  • Ethics Committee.
  • Internship Committee.
  • Laboratory and Teaching Infrastructure Committee.
  • Building Infrastructure & Security Committee.
  • Committee on Network Infrastructure & Website Division.

Buildings and Laboratories

The Department has modern facilities (buildings and laboratories) for teaching as well as for other needs such as research, training seminars, etc. More detailed is the following :
  • Main building
  • Secondary building
  • Workshop room in the Floricultyre building
  • Use of Library facilities (reading room and printing center in close proximity to Secondary Building).
Al spaces are accessible to people with mobility problems and (where appropriate) care is taken to assist people with disabilities

Center Building

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In the main building there are:
  • An Amphiteater (A) and two Classrooms (B) and (C)
  • Conference room with capability of teleconferencing
  • 3 Research Laboratpries and
  • 4 Teaching Laboratories
The building houses the Department's Secretariat, Teacher's Offices and the department's web and computing infrastructure room (computer room). Both the main Amphitheater and the two classrooms are equipped with computers and modern presentation systems. Students of the Department have access to modern UNIX environment computing systems, as well as a sufficient number of personal computers, all connected to the Department's network. Students are trained in fully equipped laboratories of information technology, databases, electronis, telecommunications, networks, logic design and computer architecture. All workshops are equipped with computers (15-20/ class) and presenation systems. Finally, the infrastructure of the Department complements the infrastructure of research laboratories.

Auxiliary Building (prefabricated)


The Auxiliary Building of the Department has 7 Laboratories, Teacher offices and Laboratory Teaching Staff offices and hosts the campus' network management center.

Room - Workshop in the Floriculture building

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This room is used for the workshop of the course «Computer Architecture».

The aformentioned laboratories are supervised by the department's laboratory and teaching infrastructure committee. They mainly serve laboratory activities for 64 lessons of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications.